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Gira produces high-quality products and systems in the business sectors of building and plastics technology. For our current and future production, we constantly need production materials, operating equipment and all types of services. Why not proactively apply to be a new Gira supplier using our online form? We may soon need what you have to offer.

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Our requirements

Our customers place the highest requirements on products and solutions from Gira. We are responsible to our customers for the products and their quality. But our suppliers also play an important role in ensuring that our products meet these high standards. It is only through genuine, strategic supplier partnerships based on stability and reliability that Gira can maintain its leading competitive position. We therefore make an effort to integrate our suppliers at an early stage in our product development process and our daily operating procedures. We make the following specific requirements of our partners:


Suppliers must be familiar with the current leading global technologies for manufacturing the required product specifications, and be able to apply these. During the joint development process, they must ensure that the first sample is 100% correct (in terms of quality & deadline). In this way, suppliers help to keep the product development time to a minimum.


Suppliers must work together with Gira to actively develop efficient and high-quality processes in order to achieve the set goals. They should think in terms of solutions rather than problems and actively support modifications that will make the required products even more successful.

Environmentally conscious

Suppliers should support the sensible and responsible use of resources. As part of the production process therefore, they should factor in the limited availability of natural resources (e.g. water), environmental influences on production (e.g. climate), the possibility of production-related environmental impact (e.g. noise, waste, waste water), as well the waste management infrastructure (e.g. waste disposal and recycling). Furthermore the supplier will promote the process for an effective energy management.


Deliveries within the serial production process must be performed with a "zero-defect-quality". Suppliers must also provide a 100% service rate, which is expressed in maximum responsiveness and a positive attitude.

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Gira was founded in 1905 and today, with more than 1,200 employees and representatives in over 38 countries, it is among Germany's leading mid-sized electrical companies.
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